Obs. Code G48

3156'38.0" N 10853'54.8" W


Richard "Doc" Greiner, age 83, passed away January 29, 2015

Mark Hanson Wins 2014 Astrophotographer of the Year - Robotic Class.  WSJ Article

Asteroid (315174) Named Sellek

Citation for (315174)

The following citation is from MPC 85413:

(315174) Sellek = 2007 HG5
     Douglas J. Sellek (1945-1996) was a middle-school science teacher and
an advocate of the sciences.  He fostered creativity, curiosity
and an understanding of the scientific method in his students and those
around him.  He would often hold public star parties at the school, showing
the night sky to students and parents alike.






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